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30th October, 2023

Meet-up of CEO Al-Hijrah & Al-Hijrah Alumni Pakistan with Diyanat Foundation Turkey.

Venue: Dubai Restaurant, Kuchlak.

The CEO of Al-Hijrah, Abdur Rehman Usmani, alongside key members and the President of Al-Hijrah Alumni Pakistan, had a crucial meet up with Mr. Taha, the esteemed accountant of Diyanat Foundation Turkey. The meet-up marked a reaffirmation of the enduring bond between Al-Hijrah and the esteemed Diyanat Foundation, showcasing a shared commitment to societal advancement in future endeavors.

During the gathering, Br. Usmani introduced the dedicated members of the alumni and highlighted their substantial contributions to society, emphasizing the numerous impactful initiatives that the alumni had spearheaded across various districts in Balochistan. He shed light on the transformative efforts undertaken by the alumni in fostering positive change and development.

Br. Taha expressed profound satisfaction with the significant achievements of Al-Hijrah and acknowledged the enduring relationship between the institution and its dedicated alumni network. He lauded the alumni’s notable successes and their pivotal role in driving constructive societal changes. Br. Taha went on to affirm the unwavering support of the Diyanat Foundation, promising continued collaboration and assistance to facilitate the realization of Al-Hijrah’s noble mission.

Br. Atta and member of AAP extended heartfelt gratitude to the Diyanat Foundation for their unwavering support to the Al-Hijrah Trust. This alliance and mutual commitment between Al-Hijrah and the Diyanat Foundation Turkey bode well for the future, promising further collaborative efforts geared towards sustainable community development and progress in Sha Allah.

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