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Al-Hijrah Alumni Pakistan

Al-Hijrah Alumni Pakistan (AAP) is a registered organization formed by former pupils of Al-Hijrah Residential School and College Ziarat – Balochistan. It was established and officially announced on 1st October 2010. Through this platform, these alumni play their role as ambassadors of Al-Hijrah who assist the cause of Al-Hijrah to promote education in Baluchistan for a sustainable social and economic uplift for the people.
The purpose behind the establishment of AAP was to provide interaction and engagement opportunity to alumni within themselves and with their alma mater and consequently make joint and collaborative efforts for community based volunteer services. The platform is head by President and General Secretary along with their cabinet through guidance and support of the Executive Council.
Till now 13 batches of Al-Hijrah Residential School and College, Ziarat have been passed out. They are perusing their higher education in different professional fields including medical, engineering, social sciences, management sciences, etc. in different universities across the country. Among the total 358 alumni, 112 have joined professional career and are serving the community in different professional fields including medical, engineering, agriculture, administrative services, education, armed forces, law, entrepreneurship and various other professional fields.
Every year an annual Get-Together is held at Al-Hijrah Ziarat in which most of the AAP members from different cities of Pakistan participate. This 3-days mega event is arranged to interact with each other and strengthen the platform through arranging sessions and workshops with distinct personalities from different professional fields. Furthermore, this event provides an opportunity to the alumni to rejuvenate and recall the values of selflessness, volunteerism, socialization under the broader principle ethos of Al-Hijrah i.e. Insaniyat, Islamiyat and Pakistaniyat. On this occasion, elections are also conducted to elect the leadership of AAP for the next year.
Al-Hijrah Alumni Pakistan has different zones throughout the country where each zone represents different cities. Each zone performs different zonal level activities including conducting study circles on regular basis. These study circles and zonal events help the alumni interact with each other and remind each other the trifold philosophy of A-Hijrah and working for the welfare of the community.
Alumni willingly started a Benevolent Fund where every alumnus contributes Rs. 200 per month. Meanwhile, the Al-Hijrah Schools Trust contributes equal the amount the alumni collect in this fund. This fund is used to finance events of welfare like free medical camps, disaster response, Qurbani projects and various welfare related initiatives. AAP forum is also a source of motivation and inspiration for the younger brothers studying at Al-Hijrah Residential School and College, Ziarat. Members of AAP also provide guidance and counselling to their younger brothers regarding higher studies and exploring the scholarship opportunities.



Muhammad Abdul Karim Saqib

Chairman | Al-Hijrah Schools Trust

“Education is a fundamental right of all humanity. Unfortunately at this day in age, the state of poverty being what it is for the less fortunate, having money for 2 meals a day seems like a far-fetched option, let alone bearing the expenses of modern day education. Which is why, I can proudly testify to the fact that Al Hijrah is well on its path to deliver illumination to the children hailing from marginalized segments of Pakistan. The ideation of setting up the AHRSC Ziarat was to begin rooting out the cancer of naivety from the very core, which makes it all the more humbling to see the wonders it has accomplished and aided in accomplishing for the underprivileged many. To that strength, we aim to stay true to our resolute cause and seek to render salvation through enlightenment for the forgotten youngsters all across Pakistan.”

Abdul Rehman Usmani

Executive Director | Al-Hijrah Schools Trust

Al-Hijrah Alumni Pakistan is one of the emerging youth group from all across Balochistan with a purpose to serve community, the nation, humanity and Ummah. Being educated in a system of education which is a combination of conventional, moral and religious education focused on character building and fear of ALLAH, lover of Prophet Mohammad and fellow human being. Our society has no dearth of educated professional but lack of character is the dilemma our nation and society is facing in every sphere of our life and fields. In such circumstances and bleak environment, it is the responsibilityof members of Al-Hijrah Alumni Pakistan to become role model for the entire society in their respective communities, departments, and profession.
You have to be serving leaders as Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him had rightly said that, the true leader of the nation is the one who serves them. We hope that carrying the flag of you will illumine our society, humanity and Ummah by the bright rays of yourself less service and strong Character.

Dr. Fazal-ur-Rehman

President | Al-Hijrah Alumni Pakistan

Al Hijrah Alumni Pakistan (AAP) is the organized body of alumni of our prestigious alma-mater. Al Hijarians take immense pride in their strong connection to their mother institution. This nexus is further cemented by the sense of responsibility, commitment to the cause and courteous attitude among alumni. AAP is a platform for reinforcement and reinvigoration of this attachment in addition to revival and resurgence of tri-dimensional mission purpose of Al-Hijrah which revolves around nurturing human values, developing characters in line with Islamic principles and promoting true sense of patriotism.  I extend enormous gratitude for the trust and confidence bestowed upon me by the fellow members. Becoming the flag bearer of this great organization is an honour, an opportunity as well as a substantial responsibility for me to co-ordinate, collaborate and contribute towards formulation of a healthy and educated society. Our concerted energy launched in a right direction will take ‘The Caravan of Change’ to the pinnacle of excellence which is core ingredient of philosophy of Al Hijrah. For this, we are determined to work hand in hand with progressively greater momentum and quantum of synergistic efforts. Let’s recognize our capabilities and channelise them according to the demands of the hour keeping in view that everyone matters, every attempt counts and everyone can make a difference

Professor Shabbir Ahmed Barech

Principal | Al-Hijrah School & College Ziarat

Al-Hijrah is the name of a mission, an assignment, a path, and a destination. It is not just a school, but the quest for a world of knowledge and wisdom. In 2004 a selfless human being and educator Muhammad Abdul Kareem Saqib laid the foundation of this exemplary institution. Al-Hijrah residential school & college is a unique educational institution that provides free education and accommodation to the unprivileged, orphaned, needy, and intelligent students from 7th grade to 12th grade. So that these students do not only become a valuable treasure for Pakistan but pride for the Muslim Ummah. Until now 338 students have profited from this institution and are getting higher education in different institutes of Pakistan. Around 100 students are currently serving in different departments after completion of their education of whom Assistant commissioner Yasir Dashti, SSG Major Israr Ahmed, Assistant commissioner Nushki Shoaib Ahmed are some of the shining stars of Al-Hijrah busy in the service of the country. They are living proof of Al-Hijrah’s success.
Al-Hijrah’s mission is evident from its ideological foundation of Insaaniyat, Islamiyat, and Pakistaniyat and it is what makes Al-Hijrah unparalleled. Al-Hijrah educates in three different languages to equip them with abilities to understand different national ideologies of the world.

There are three basic rules of getting admission to Al-Hijrah

  1. The student should have excelled in 6th-grade examinations from any government-run school in Balochistan
  2. The guardian of the student should have an annual income lesser than 4 lacs.
  3. The student should pass the test and interview of Al-Hijrah (the test is prepared from the 6th-grade curriculum).